Since 1992, Gentle Earth Design Studios Ltd. has been providing Horticulture design and project management. Our designs are innovative, built with the highest quality plants, and have tremendous post-sale support. We are constantly on the frontiers of landscaping and design, so we can proudly offer our clients a more complete range of styles and techniques. We believe in the tremendous benefits of surrounding yourself with the best nature has to offer, inside and out. We recognize the positive effects plants have on people.

Landscaping Services

  • Landscape Consultation
  • Landscape Design
  • Project Management
  • General Contractor

Areas of Specialty

  • Naturalistic Plantings and Rock Gardens
  • Water Fountain Design & Installation
  • Japanese/Canadian Garden Design
  • English Flower Gardens
  • Landscape Renovations

Our Policy to Quality Service: Our designs and construction services are backed up with our very best follow up service and ongoing advice. We use the best soils and top quality plants available. A healthy plant, given the right growing conditions will out perform others without the need for chemical agents. Our organic approach is better for your garden… and for you!

View our work on our portfolio page.